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About Us! is the original independent gaming community built entirely for its users. Krakrabbit is completely self-reliant when it comes to every game/system/accessory/ etc. that we have listed on our site. What that means is we do not accept any contributions from any publishers and/or manufacturers! You can think of us as the Consumer Reports of gaming!

By joining Krakrabbit you are allowing your fellow gamers the rare opportunity to read unbiased, accurate, independent reviews on every single product on our site. We have created this site from the ground up for our members.

Our goal is to create an elite gaming community where gamers feel comfortable putting their trust in our honest, unbiased reviews across all platforms.

Please read our FAQ for a detailed description on why Krakrabbit should be your only source for gaming reviews.

Dishonest Game Reviews

"Think about it, when is the last time a highly anticipated game title was given horrible reviews? It seems like every new title that a publisher/manufacturer advertises heavily suddenly becomes a 'must have' or a 'revolutionary advancement in gaming'. The publishers/manufacturers spend a lot of cash to advertise the latest and greatest video game titles to the gaming world (magazines, websites, television, radio etc.) and it is no coincidence they always seem to emerge victorious in the ratings/articles of the gaming giants." (
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Latest Headlines

Want to know which titles are booming overseas? How about patch notes and announcements for your favorite games? This is the place to get your daily gaming headlines from around the world.
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Streaming Video

Enjoy watching streams of your favorite games? Want to see the latest demos? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place!
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Enjoy eye candy? So do we! Check out the latest and greatest screenshots from recent and upcoming hot titles in the gaming world!
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Release Dates

Want to know when the next greatest game is coming out? This is the place to see the schedule of gaming releases for the near future!
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Waiting for the next big console or game to drop? Check here for an up to the minute countdown to the latest and greatest in gaming!
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Ratings Guide

The rating system employed by the review staff at is one that anyone put through an education system are familiar with: simple letter grades!


The goal of our F.A.Q. section is to give our viewers a better understanding of what Krakrabbit is about and what our mission goals for this website are.


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Letters To The Editor

You got something to say? Well don't just sit there looking at the screen, click on the "Letter To The Editor" icon and shoot us an email about what's on your mind. You never know, maybe we will even respond!

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